SAINTxDMON is a collection of 888 champions battling for control of the universe in a galactic tournament.
Before we dive deep into the layers of the SAINTxDMON universe, please refer to the links below for the latest information about our project:
Twitter — https://twitter.com/SAINTxDAO Discord — https://discord.gg/rainydayz Website — https://saintxdmon.io/ RainyDayz— [Coming Soon] Marketplace — https://magiceden.io/marketplace/saint_x_dmon​

Enter Our Universe

SAINTxDMON takes places in a dystopian future where saints and demons freely roam the universe. Humanity has self-destructed and chaos plagues the world. Saints (the mightiest defenders of good) and Dmons (the wicked warriors of evil) are at war to take control of what remains of the universe.
In a desperate effort to organize, councils are formed by both parties to find a conclusion to the mayhem. The councils agree to hold a galactic tournament in one year featuring the most powerful warriors in history. This tournament will crown a ruler and determine the fate of the universe.

The Book of Beginnings

The Book of Beginnings is the origin story of our featured character, Apostle. The story is written as a black-and-white comic book series and available in our Website for holder's only.
The Book of Beginnings Preview
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